Wide Strap S2B Training Vest

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Need a little help looking flawless for those special occasions – or maybe even every day at work? This maximum-strength, vest-style waist trainer makes sure that those pesky trouble areas are no trouble at all. The secret is trifold. First, a power latex core sculpts and firms your midsection and upper back with firm compression. Second, its flexi-boning supports your spine, gently lifting and lengthening the torso. You might just enjoy the best posture you've ever had. And lastly this garment lifts your bust. No need for a push up bra.

It only takes a few seconds to watch your silhouette completely transform with this sensational shaper. The Full Coverage Vest will reduce your middle immediately by 1-4 inches while wearing it. And if you wear it consistently as a part of a healthy lifestyle your results will be even more impressive. Three rows of hook-and-eye enclosures allow the garment to size down with you as you get closer to your goal.